Norlinear Crystals How to handle NLO Crystals

How to handle NLO Crystals

When you receive crystals from ULTICRYSTAL, please make sure that only qualified personnel are able to open inner plastic boxes at clean environment. When the plastic box of a NLO crystal is opened, please prevent finger print, oil and other substances from adhering to the polished or coated surfaces.

If the surfaces are contaminated, please blow the surfaces with air ball. If there is still pollution on the crystal surfaces, please clean the surfaces with cleaning liquid and soft silk. For BBO crystal, the mixing liquid of 50% high purity alcohol and 50% high purity ether is recommended as cleaning liquid. Please notify that the contaminated surfaces are very easy to be damaged.

Some NLO crystals have a low susceptibility to moisture, you are advised to provide dry atmosphere conditions for both use and preservation of them. When polished surfaces are fogged or damaged, please ask ULTICRYSTAL for repolishing and coating service.