Comparision of different Wave plates

Comparision of Different Wave plates.

We are support wave plates ring holder and rotating holder for customer choice,plese see below specifications and informations.

Wave plate (λ/100 bandwidth) λ/2 @532 nm Acceptance Angle
Typical length
Damage threshold
Multi-order Waveplate
0.19 nm (T=1.461
Low single 1~2 1GW/cm2
Low-order Waveplate
0.55nm (T=0.5060
Med. single 0.2~0.5 1GW/cm2
Zero-order waveplate
Cemented  19.22nm
(ΔT=0.0145 mm)
Low Double cemented (epoxy) ~1 ~ 10MW/cm2
Optically Contracted 19.22nm
(ΔT=0.0145 mm)
Low Double
~1 ~200 MW/cm2
Air-spaced 19.22nm (ΔT=0.0145 mm) Low Double (air spaced) ~1 ~500 MW/cm2
True Zero-order Waveplate Cemented (Quartz/
BK7 or Fused Silica)
19.22nm (T=0.0145 mm) High Double (cemented by epoxy ~1 ~ 10MW/cm2
Single Plate
19.22nm (T=0.0145 mm) High single <0.2 > 1GW/cm2
Achromatic Waveplate
250 nm Low Four 
by epoxy)
~2 ~ 10MW/cm2
Double Wavelength Waveplate
Very Small Low single 0.2~2 1GW/cm2