Norlinear Crystals Quality Policy

Quality Policy

As a general manufacturer of crystals component and precision polarization optics, ULTICRYSTAL strive to deliver products & services of high quality to maximize customer satisfaction through technology leadership, manufacturing excellence, employee development, & continual improvement. the detail as below:

We regard our top management priority to be maintaining and improving customer satisfaction, a goal equal in significance to product quality assurance. Management and employees combine their efforts in order to achieve this goal.

Management and employees are required to abide by all product-oriented laws, ordinances and agreements while seeking to fulfill customer requirements.

We strive to improve customer satisfaction not just by providing high-quality products, but by offering timely product delivery, attractive pricing, and honest customer service.

To meet customer requirements, we work hard to design, manufacture and inspect products in the most effective ways available.

We make effective utilization of employees, funds, establishments and facilities to continually improve our quality management system.

Pursuing improvements is a continuing process implemented through management reviews, quality meetings, and internal quality audits.