Welcome to ULTICRYSTAL Technology

ULTI Crystal Technology is a leading manufacturer for finished crystal components and precision polarization optics for solid-state laser at extremely competitive prices in China. We hold on special and advance crystal diffusion bonded technology which enables the joining of different crystal material without the use of an adhesive or an organic or inorganic bonding aid. Composite crystal components using our advanced diffusion bonded technology will enable cost-effecitve systems of increased output power and improved beam quality.

ULTI Crystal's crystal products include laser crystals(Nd:YAG,Er:YAG,CTH:YAG,Nd:YVO4 crystal), nonlinear crystals(LBO,BBO,KTP,KDP Crystal), optical crystals(Undoped YVO4,LiNbO3,Undoped YAG,Sapphire crystal), Laser Rods(Nd:YAG Rods),and diffusion bonding crystals modules assemblies for commercial laser systems, instrument systems, and diode pumped solid state (DPSS) laser module applications.

The company's precision polarization optics capabilities include waveplates and polarizers for your laser systems and telecom application. Our excellent engineers team are dedicated to develop unique technologies to produce high power seriers to meet increasing marketing requirement.

Our production capability includes crystal growth, prototyping, cutting, drilling, grinding, polishing (technical/commercial and optical), coating, and testing. The product forms available offered include ingots, blanks, slabs, rods, prisms, lenses, windows, substrates, cylinders, tubes, pyramids, cones, mirrors and custom forms.

ULTI Crystal consistently searches for better solution to optimize productivity, efficiency and product performance. Our internal Quality Management System and advanced ERP system have helped ULTI Crystal to gain the ISO 9001:2000 Certification.